A downloadable masterpiece for Android

We built a really amazing piloting game, powered by the gyroscope in your smartphone! The game actually encourages real life movement, as one must stand up and look in all directions to pilot effectively. 

Push and pull planets out of their orbit with your tractor beam, blast angry robots right out of the sky, and maneuver your way through asteroid belts and foreign star systems.

Check out this gameplay video: https://www.facebook.com/StrayDogGames/videos/vb.398283814355533/1034336163622684/?type=2&theater¬if_t=page_post_reaction¬if_id=1562634009756580

Install instructions

 (Make sure to turn on sound, to enjoy the full experience!)

This build is only for Android! Just put the .apk on your phone, install, and the app should work! :)


Planet Quest.apk 92 MB
Gameplay Video! 381 MB

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